Pink Sweat$ Joins Mahalia For a Fresh New Remix of "BRB"


Jamaican-British neo-soul artist Mahalia Burkmar's career in music began when she was just thirteen. Now known simply as Mahalia, the rising R&B sensation has gone on to make good on that early promise, releasing two albums and a handful of EPs on Asylum Records. Earlier this year, she dropped a three-track EP, titled Isolation Tapes, and "BRB" quickly emerged as an exceptional cut.

Suave and assertive, "BRB" put Mahalia's lovesick lyrical tendencies on full display. "BRB" saw Mahalia open up about the caveats that come with dating as a rising star. Dressed in horn riffs and a delicate keyboard instrumental, the song traced the path that previous hits like "I Wish I Missed My Ex" and "Sober" laid down.

Now, Mahalia is back with a fresh remix of "BRB," this time enlisting the help of up-and-coming American artist  Pink Sweat$. On this new rendition, Pink Sweat$ delivers a new verse over the same instrumental. With longing resolve, he sings, "You on the road, ain't got no time for me / Mahalia, I hope you savin' up that time for me."  

His guest verse reads as a response to Mahalia's musings about red-eyes and sparse FaceTime calls. Mahalia's voice, smooth with a slight rasp, goes hand-in-hand Pink Sweat$'s deeper but equally refined vocals.

"BRB" is the latest addition to Mahalia's growing canon of stellar collaborations with fellow R&B stars, including Ella Mai (whom she toured with in 2019) and Leven Kali.

Listen to  "BRB" below:

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