Meet Matt Watson, the YouTube Personality Who's Pretty Damn Good at Pikmin and Music


They say to do one thing and do it well. While I am not quite sure who they are, I am sure they have never met today's generation of aspiring artists. From George Miller's metamorphosis, which saw him leaving behind Filthy Frank to stake his claim as a deeply hypnotic R&B figure under the moniker of Joji, to even NakeyJakey's recent musical outings, YouTube has become an unexpected breeding ground for a new class of ambidextrous artists. And by the looks of it, Matt Watson is ready to join those ranks.

Watson, who found his start releasing sketch comedy videos as half of Kids W/Problems before editing for popular YouTube gaming channels Markiplier and Game Grumps, currently comprises half of SuperMega. While Watson is certainly no complete stranger to the world of music, having previously released the expectedly surreal "My Two Lovely Uncles" and Freddie Dredd-assisted "NO NUT NOVEMBER," his debut EP, OUCH!, arrives as less active parody and more welcomed surprise.

Speaking further on the creation of OUCH!, Watson shared in an instagram post,

"I spent several months during quarantine pouring everything into this. I've always dreamed of making music (before I even did YouTube), but was always too scared. I'm finally happy to release a dream of mine.

I did all instruments, vocals, mixing, and production on this EP from my bedroom while locked away in quarantine. I truly hope you enjoy a song or two off of it, and can't wait to look back on this once when I'm 70 and remember this weird era we're living in. Thank you so much for getting me to this point. Lots more to come in the future. Nothing but love. Thank you. ❤️"

OUCH! is more than a surprising departure from the world of videogame let's plays and sketch comedy, it is a genuinely gratifying amalgamation of bedroom pop, electronica, and chill R&B that perfectly captures the internal monologue of a mind subjected to lockdown.  

Opening on "Jello," a laidback instrumental that feels unstuck from any singular place or time, Watson does not let us into his world but rather lets us fly effortlessly through it. And if "Jello" feels like the nebulous point between waking and dreaming, the ensuing "Come Over" is akin to awaking to the sound of rain against the window, letting yourself take in those few fuzzy moments where life's simple joys and commonplace anxieties have yet to fully take form.

Whether it be in the conflicted feelings of "Nokia" or the general malaise of "Feel This Way," OUCH! is a project built on this dreamlike blend of often difficult to place apprehensions and pedestrian realizations. So, when the closing track "Sleep Tight" rears its head, the idyllic instrumental arrives as both a surreal lullaby and reprieve from the day's worries.

In OUCH!'s closing moments, Watson does more than simply deliver a promising debut; He captures an emotional push-and-pull that extends far beyond the seemingly endless days of quarantine.

Listen to "OUCH!" below:

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