MC Magic Teams Up with Cuco & Lil Rob for a Spanish-Drizzled Love Song, "SEARCH"


Photo Credit: Zoe Aparicio

MC Magic has joined forces with Cuco and Lil Rob to spoil us with throwback vibes and intriguing drizzles of Spanish in "SEARCH." Inspired by intoxicating love, "SEARCH" is drenched with acoustic guitars and gratifying synthesizers as the talented trio vocalizes their never-ending quest for genuine, lasting connections. This wavy tune has Latin influences that showcase the three distinct artists' admiration for their ethnic cultures while demonstrating their abilities to incorporate hip-hop and R&B in una canción de amor (a love song).

Set in East Los Angeles, the "SEARCH" music video begins with a mother asking her son (played by Antonio Cardenas) to replenish their kitchen with huevos and bolillos, which leads him to the local market. When he arrives, the besotted man instantly swoons over the beaming clerk (played by Erika Angel) and accidentally leaves his groceries on the countertop. The intrigued woman immediately follows after the forgetful man and returns his black bag to him. From there, they exchange phone numbers and find themselves on a moonlit date at the recognizable Santa Monica Pier. Just as they lean in for a kiss at the end of the video, a light switch from the woman's house interrupts their moment of romance.

On "SEARCH," MC Magic reflected:

"First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to give it a listen. I love this song and I love the music video, often times when I feel this way about a new release my fans love it too. The crazy part is that I am just as excited about ‘SEARCH'  today as I was when I released my debut album 'Don’t Worry' in 1995. A little over a year ago my manager sent me a video of a 19-year-old kid from Hawthorne, California, who said my music influenced his style. Immediately after watching Cuco, I wanted to collaborate with him. We booked a recording session in Los Angeles and I wrote the song's main chorus during my drive there. I then sent over two different tracks to Lil Rob for a collab we had been talking about and he chose 'SEARCH.'"

Experience a budding romance in the streets of East Los Angeles with "SEARCH" below:

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