Meet Huron John, the Artist Creating a Technicolor World


Huron John's influences are as diverse as water is wet. You can't help but dive into his music headfirst and emerge giddy from his neon-colored reality. John began making music in his smaller than small college dorm room. Both glitchy and groovy, the Chicago native sought to do exactly what he wanted when it came to his daytripper indie sound. His first release back in 2018,  Never Inside, featured a completely boundless collection of conversation-provoking tracks, like "Be My Friend" and "Picket Fence lol." John's music adds an air of practicality to our youthful online technicolor dreams.

Each of his songs is layered. John aims to build a world, all his own. Self-recording, producing, and mixing everything, he's all hands on deck when it comes to his sound. Varying pitches are carefully placed throughout his music assuring that the sonics don't become too unbelievable. Vaporwave like synths hold songs together like glue. John likes to show off his mixing skills by making sure his unconventional synth work doesn't compete with his already textured vocals. Numerous songs like "Yoko" and "Taste Rainbow" from John's 2018 mini-project Fanta Fantasy are great representations of the tight work.

John's production styles are reminiscent of Homeshake on "Friendzone" and Neon Indian on "Golden Arches". His humorous lyricism breathes vitality into the indie pop genre.  And his lyrics sound like a string of midday tweets, sent off while waiting in line at a Subway. "Golden Arches," his most dance leaning track, centers itself around both the desire for chicken nuggets and the desire for love. In  "Golden Arches" he sings,

"Sometimes I sit in my room and I think about you
Do you think about me?
I wish I had enough strength so I can delete that Instagram
I wish I had clear skin so I could look you in the eye
But really I don’t want to die
I just want some fries and a shake
Life’s great."

While he's funny, he's certainly not a joke. John provides a few giggles within a story. The music is never about being overly thought-provoking. Instead, it's just meant to be relatable and conversational, a goal it accomplishes time and time again.

In 2020, John's full-length project titled Apocalypse WOW is slated to arrive. The forthcoming project is set to be an intense extension of John's most creative thoughts. John said of the upcoming project, "an overly-saturated portal that transports you directly back to whatever your definition of the 'good-old-days' is."  

Most recently, he's unveiled a concept video featuring four spotlight tracks. Oversaturated and feeling like the inside of a Nintendo game, the video describes the album's sound in the form of images. For John, the apocalypse isn't the end of something, it's his lively new beginning.

Watch the APOCALYPSE WOW trailer below:  

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