Photo:  Aysia Marotta

Whether it be the Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups sitting in your cupboard or the latest celebrity couple the internet is simultaneously drooling over and lambasting, the vast majority of things in life have an expiration date. Written or left unspoken, an ending does not have to equate to a tragic end. There's an infinite amount of moments between now and the end, or at least that's the feeling given off by MICHELLE's latest ephemeral single.

Following the impressive foundation laid by their 2021 singles "SYNCOPATE" and "MESS U MADE," "EXPIRATION DATE" is the latest taste of MICHELLE's forthcoming album, AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS, set to release January 28 Canvasback Music and Transgressive in the UK. Following the release of the highly-anticipated album, the collective is set to head to the UK for a run of headlining shows before returning to the US to support our one and only queen Mitski in select cities.

While centered around the idea of "right person, wrong time" and realizing that a relationship is nearing its end, "EXPIRATION DATE" in no way feels tied down by its seemingly somber revelations. Rather, it's buoyed by much of the effortless pop-adjacent R&B groove the group has come to be known for. Carried by matter-of-fact vocals that give little away and a vibrant sonic backdrop that calls to mind strolling aimlessly through New York at golden hour, MICHELLE once again proves themselves masters at crafting a timeless atmosphere that is all their own.

Listen to "EXPIRATION DATE" below:

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