Middle Part Divulges 'I Wish I Was Alive' on Honest New EP [Premiere]

Brooklyn indie-pop artist Middle Part unveils his debut six-track EP, I Wish I Was Alive. The musician, also known as Andrew Selkōw, gives listeners a painstakingly honest look into some of his most vulnerable moments, touching on his battle with depression, dissociation, love and loss. Not afraid to show his emotions, the release delves into Selkōw's past, while also looking to the future, asking questions about aging, ego, death and ultimately one's overall mental health.

Selkōw confides, "I wanted to make sure and let go of my ego before I pursued music again so that’s a big theme in this record as well as the inability to connect especially when you’re compartmentalizing everything all of the time. I wanted to be really honest and vulnerable in this batch of songs. I’m so goddamn sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music."

I Wish I Was Alive features tracks like the synth-laden "Heartbeat." Selkōw's hazy vocals and muted tones emit a tranquil and feel-good vibe. Then there is "Busy" - the laid-back song shimmers with the strums of gentle acoustic guitar, soft synths and a slow and steady beat.

"Say Goodbye" brings the EP to a close. Fast-paced drums and layered, ethereal vocals create an almost haunting atmosphere, while the quirky synths bring you back to the world of Middle Part.

With just six short songs, Selkōw has given us the ability to connect with him on levels that a conversation simply wouldn't allow. Giving us the key to his mind, the musician shares, "I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect and that might be the message."

Listen to I Wish I Was Alive below.

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