Mikey Ferrari Shoots For The Stars on Debut 'SPACEBOY' EP


Photo Credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

After a long wait, this week fans finally see the release of SPACEBOY, the debut EP from Los Angeles-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Mikey Ferrari. Following the success of his last three singles, Mikey Ferrari completes the SPACEBOY saga this week by finally offering fans the complete project. SPACEBOY is a conceptual alt-pop project detailing a narrator/protagonist who struggles with the weight of the world while following his heart and making his dreams come true. With unique and polished production - and a killer voice to boot - Mikey Ferrari's SPACEBOY may be one of this spring's hottest releases.

SPACEBOY follows a narrative arc that sees the narrator 'SPACEBOY' moving through an aural journey that Mikey Ferrari illustrates through his unique blend of electronic, alternative, and pop styles. Some tracks are dark and brooding, like the EP opener "moving slow" - filled with booming bass signals and lines like "I'm the future, you're the one looking back". Other tracks mimic this abrasion like "SPACEBOY," where over mixes reminiscent of Muse and Awolnation, Mikey Ferrari harnesses his power of storytelling to establish a troubled protagonist with potential. "lunar light" sees our hero taking a conceptual left turn, abandoning his hardened persona for something more sentimental and empathetic in hopes of repairing his tarnished relationships. SPACEBOY's internal tension is almost palpable, embedded within the track's hypnotic and reverberating guitar melodies, as well as Mikey's writing that consistently remains both earnest and catchy.

"wind blows" and "moving fast" are both tracks that deal with the dark side of isolation, especially one brought by destructive and reclusive behaviors in the wake of a grieving period. Together they both examine how this reclusion can mess things up in our lives, with the former delivering a desolate acoustic cowboy vibe with a performance that careens across Mikey Ferrari's impressive vocal range. "moving fast," on the other hand, turns this pensive theme up a notch with standout lines like "Crying in the club, cause that's just growing up." It's a rare moment of self-awareness, one that culminates with SPACEBOY's closer "standoff." On this tender track, listeners are treated to a conclusion that is hopeful yet bittersweet, with a mix that is much more downtempo and indie-inspired than the tracks that preceded it. Here, Mikey sings from the perspective of his protagonist, meditating on the nature of helplessness. SPACEBOY has lost somebody that he loved, and is now realizing that they're gone forever. The track is a sobering reminder that our choices have consequences and that some things are final - through our hero may desire to come back to Earth, he couldn't even if he wanted to.

Mikey Ferrari's SPACEBOY is a touching alt-pop project that manages to do what many conceptual records only grasp at: making sense. With a natural talent for songwriting, production, and storytelling, Mikey Ferrari may just be on his way to pop's main stage. With three projects in the works for 2021, fans will luckily not have to wait as long for Mikey's next release. Though many of his fans may still be ravenous for more music soon, SPACEBOY will be sure to tide them over until then.

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