Minke Channels Her Inner Ariana Grande in  "Too Late"


Over the course of a handful of critically-acclaimed singles, British musician Minke has proven herself to be a versatile artist more than deserving of the world's ear. Embodying a wealth of genre influences, from alternative rock, R&B, to pop, each new single thus far has demonstrated the seemingly endless depth that is Minke's artistic vision. Minke's latest single, "Too Late," continues the marked trend, as the British artist takes to the world of electro-pop to deliver a spirited breakup anthem.

Premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1, "Too Late" channels Minke's inner Ariana Grande to  wondrous effect. Through an array of nostalgic-yet-futuristic production, Minke's soulful voice carries us through the final moments of a relationship. Painting a picture of two people who want  two completely different things from one another, "Too Late" deftly strays the line between passionate emotional outpour and glistening feel-great electro-pop. And while the classic breakup anthem is nothing new to the world of pop, or music as a whole for that matter, Minke lends her own distinguishing voice to the pantheon of great breakup tracks before her. Minke spoke on the inspiration for "Too Late," sharing,

"This was a moment after a bad break up that I needed to get out my system. I was trying to rationalize it and take the high road but knew what had happened was wrong, so I was annoyed and reveling in the petty, just for a second. Thank you, next.“

The artist's most pop-leaning single to date, "Too Late" is not only irrefutably infectious, as any great pop song should hope to be, but is yet another brilliant showcasing of how far Minke's songwriting talent extends. No matter the context, Minke provides a distinctive voice that we cannot help but praise.

Listen to "Too Late" below, and keep an eye out for Minke's  debut EP, The Tearoom, due out March 8:

For more from Minke, revisit our rooftop performance with the rising British artist below.

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