mxmtoon Doesn't Believe in Wasted Time


Photo:  April Blum

If you aren't already subscribed to mxmtoon (aka maia), you might want to be after checking out her new track, "fever dream." As a treat for her fans, maia often uploads new songs accompanied by unofficial visuals.  

Her first new piece since the release of her debut album,  the masquerade, "fever dream" is no different, layering the track over old home videos from her childhood dance and music recitals. The footage is not only adorable, but it makes you wonder how in 2006 maia's parents knew that vintage film would be the hottest music video trend in 2020.

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In the video description for "fever dream," maia left a sentimental note for listeners that saw her reflecting on her childhood, sharing the inspiration behind the lyrics, and reminding us to appreciate every moment, no matter how small. Among the inspirational words, she encourages fans to not "take the time you have for granted; dream as big or as small as you dare to, live authentically, and do so unapologetically."

With this track, maia ventures forth from her typical soft bedroom-pop style and opts for a brighter, upbeat melody that evokes feelings of excitement for what's ahead. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or filling out college applications, this song will give you the inspiration to put your best foot forward.

The lyrics echo the message above, of conquering the monotony of life by finding joy in even the smallest moments. It feels like she is singing from the perspective of little maia in the home movies, having dreams bigger than what she could even imagine at that age but knowing that someday she would make it. Now with a burgeoning music career at nineteen, the world is unfurling at her feet.

Watch the  "fever dream" visualizer below:

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