Negative Gemini Is Now Neggy Gemmy, Releases VR Visual For "California"


When you think about California's musical legends, what names come to mind? Snoop Dogg? Kendrick Lamar? Weezer, perhaps? Hold your breath, because this week a new name deserves to join the west coast pantheon, as 100% Electronica's Neggy Gemmy releases the first single off her next record, "California."

Before you say anything, I'm well aware that Neggy Gemmy is not actually from California. The Virginia-born singer, writer, and producer may as well be though, as "California" perfectly embodies the spirit of the golden state while giving fans a solid release to enjoy as the year comes to a close. Formerly known as Negative Gemini, "California" arrives alongside a new moniker and a 360-degree visualizer.

This likely isn't your first exposure to Neggy Gemmy, as she's been releasing a steady stream of bangers throughout 2021, following a brief hiatus in 2020. "California" is the next entry into her soon to be legendary discography, continuing both the winning streak that her label has been on this year, and commencing the long-awaited rollout to her first album in years.

"California" is an exciting and refreshing release that already has me looking forward to Neggy Gemmy's new record. With layers upon layers of electronic elements, it carries the same vaporwave vibes that many of her labelmates embody, but Neggy Gemmy's electro-pop take will leave you ravenous for more. The track is simultaneously airy and ethereal while also being full of heavy bass signals, punchy percussion, and Neggy Gemmy's Gwen Stefani-esque vocal performance. If you're a fan of acts like Phantogram or Purity Ring, then "California" is a must-listen.

One of the things I consistently admire about Neggy Gemmy and her labelmates is their consistent devotion to go the extra mile to make something dope, and "California" is no exception to this steadfast rule. The virtual reality visualizer is a great way to immerse yourself in her world. With more music and visualizers likely planned for the near future, there's never been a better time to be a fan of Neggy Gemmy.

Watch the  "California" video below:

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