Oliver Malcolm Drops Surprise  "Nevada 2003″ Demo

The new demo track "Nevada 2003" by Oliver Malcolm is simply good vibes. You gotta just bounce to it. Get ready to turn this one all the way up in your car's sound system.

For the release of "Nevada 2003," Malcolm directly uploaded only to Soundcloud and YouTube. The demo is cool and quirky, just like him. Supporting the song is a groovy beat, muffled electric guitar, and a rhythmic piano line. I'm obsessed with the occasional horns that go off and grace the track with their feel-good, bright sound. Oliver Malcolm's vocals are so intentional, and somehow the entire song doesn't seem to take itself too seriously.

Oliver Malcolm has been named an "experimental protégé" before. Born in Sweden, the 20-year-old musician has been making beats for other people since he was a teenager. That led him to working on hip-hop and R&B cuts for Joey Bada$$, Tinashe and MF Doom. Now a solo artist, Oliver Malcolm has released single after single this year. His most recent track "Outside" was a pensive one reflecting on the times. A must listen.

A hybrid of melodies and funk, Oliver Malcolm's music can't and shouldn't be pigeonholed by any genre. He's a major force to be reckoned with, offering unique music and an overall vibe that is contagiously cool. His choice to directly upload the demo track "Nevada 2003" makes Oliver Malcolm a super likeable and down to earth artist.

Listen below.

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