"Skywalker" Is  Oliver Malcolm's Most Personal Song to Date


Photo By: Kay Ibrahim

"Skywalker" by Oliver Malcolm is mystical and eerie. The lyrics are honest about feeling lonely, which we've all experienced this past year. The song is pop but not, so it comes as no surprise that "Skywalker" sits easy at the number one spot on Spotify's curated playlist, Anti Pop, and a photo of Malcolm is the featured playlist cover art.

One year ago, Oliver Malcolm graced the world with his musical presence debuting "Switched Up" - a track that garnered the 20-year-old one-man-band early critical praise from New York Times, FADER, NME, Clash, and many more. Now adding "Skywalker" to the mix, which first got played on Annie Mac's Future Sounds Show on BBC Radio 1, we can expect an entire debut EP later this year. The project will also include singles like "The Machine" and "Outside" - a pensive track reflecting on the touch times of COVID.

"Skywalker" is Malcolm's most personal track yet. It starts out with rhythmic piano and kids' voices singing, "We're all alone, afloat out here. We're almost home, the end is near." Jumping right into its messaging, the song and music video invite the listener into Malcolm's world.

"Skywalker" is a captivating adventure that lures you in and keeps a hold on you the whole way through. Malcolm rustically preaches in the coolest rap singing. His layered vocals in  the chorus lay perfectly in the track with the rest of the spacey production elements.

Said by Oliver Malcolm himself, "We're all on a journey and I think everyone's figuring it out in their own way. The human experience." Malcolm's honesty is contagious, and another truth of the matter is that this indie, anti-pop artist is here to leave his mark.

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