Oliver Tree Somehow Survives Another Crash in  "Miracle  Man" Video


Oliver Tree is the musician version of Mike Myers. He is an undoubtedly talented vocalist, but that's not all. The musician has a mini bowl cut, and is often times recognized as the one in the neon windbreaker and JNCO jeans - he's a comedian who keeps throwing us for a loop. Oh, and he released a new track "Miracle Man," a music video for the song, and a tour announcement; to say we're excited is an understatement.  

"Miracle Man" is a roughed up alt-pop track that has a demoralized edge to it. The song has a catchy beat, a killer guitar on the chorus, and key vocals from Oliver Tree that twist this track into an honest, and angry rant about someone who didn't try hard enough and messed up their life.  The colorful music video paired with the alternative diss track is all we could have asked for. The music video is bingeable - if you're not watching it again, you're diving into Tree's other videos because they are undeniably entertaining.  

"Miracle Man" opens with Tree driving a pink vehicle with a closeup of his JNCO jean pant leg caught in the door, dragging on the asphalt. In order, the video features shots of Tree walking away his burning, upside down car, with a disheveled appearance and blood on his face. Later, he's seen receiving emergency surgery (I'm no doctor, but it looks as if he's receiving open-heart surgery), dashing out of the hospital, walking past what looks like an attempted robbery without blinking an eye, and strolling out into the day, to immediately sidestep a piano that falls from the sky.

Oliver Tree is chaotic, but his music has a seriousness that balances out his energy and has us asking so many questions which we may never have the answer to. See for yourself, you can watch the new video for  "Miracle Man" below:

Along with the release of a new single and video, Tree announced a "Goodbye, Farewell Tour." In a Tweet, he expressed that this will be his "last and final tour," and if you want to see him live, "now's your chance." We've added the dates he's released on his website below.

JUN 23, 2019  Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party 2019 Philadelphia, PA

AUG 3, 2019  ALT 98.7 Summer Camp Long Beach, CA

SEP 13, 2019  Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC

SEP 15, 2019  Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

SEP 18, 2019  The Depot Salt Lake City, UT

SEP 20, 2019 - SEP 23, 2019  Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival 2019 Las Vegas, NV

SEP 21, 2019  Ogden Theatre Denver, CO

SEP 24, 2019  Fremont Theatre San Luis Obispo, CA

SEP 26, 2019  Fox Theater Oakland, CA

SEP 28, 2019  The Observatory North Park San Diego, CA

OCT 1, 2019  The Van Buren Phoenix, AZ

OCT 8, 2019  Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN

OCT 9, 2019  Deluxe at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN

OCT 11, 2019  The Bluestone Columbus, OH

Whether the claim that his "Goodbye, Farewell Tour" is legitimate, or just a gimmick, we choose to take Tree one step at a time and appreciate the art and humor he has brought into the world.  

Read more of what Ones to Watch has said about Oliver Tree's colorful music and professional razor scooting career here.

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