Omar Apollo's "Go Away" Is a Bittersweet, Aux-Ready Summer Anthem


Photo: Aidan Cullen

The summer is finally upon us, and, apparently, so is new music from Omar Apollo. Delivering us some seriously summery indie-pop vibes, Apollo returns to fans with "Go Away," his first release of 2021. It's been a while since Apollo released his debut studio album Apolonio last fall, but on his newest single, he returns with his signature songwriting talent, heartfelt vocals, and a swagger that will leave you ravenous for more.

Like many of the tracks that preceded it, "Go Away" sees Apollo blurring the lines between genres on his newest eclectic banger. Exercising a careful creative approach that somehow levels forward-thinking with nostalgic sentimentality, Apollo sticks the landing on what may be the perfect song for all of your upcoming summer departures. Hypnotic and washed-out guitars find a comfortable home alongside the ethereal vocal layering and punchy alt-pop percussion, a combination that makes "Go Away" perfect for both a backyard function or romantic getaway.  

Whether or not you've been put onto Apollo's music yet (if you haven't, consider this a sign), "Go Away" is the perfect introduction to one of the most skilled artistic voices gracing the pop landscape today. Just one listen, and it may become your go-to song the next time you're put on aux.  

Listen to  "Go Away" below:

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