Rewind: Our 10 Favorite Music Videos of the Last Month

While it’s far too easy to lose ourselves in the deluge of new music releases that grace us every week, one thing that cannot and should not be overlooked is the art of the music video. With the heyday era of MTV long behind us, Rewind sees us taking a look back at a handful of our favorite music videos of the past month.

Mike Sabath & The Moongirls - "Who You Are"

The best kind of cheek is always in the flesh, and the very deceptively normal offering from the terribly talented Mike Sabath and director Austin Lichetenstein is revealing for all its... well, reveals. Interspersed amongst a live setup with changing pastel backdrops, the band performs its '70s, FM radio styled-hit, "Who You Are," laying their soul and bodies bare. A sure to make you smile effort.

Themboy - "Take Me Home"

If ever there was a visual reference for how glam the club era of the late '70 and early '80s looked, sounded, and felt, the video for "Take Me Home" by Themboy and Const is it. With fiery stylings, lyrics, building piano chords, gooey drums, the Themboy tune needed a wild visualizer, and boy did they deliver. Dive into your best club-ready kitschy romp of 2023.

Girl Scout - "Weirdo"

If you want to be weird like we do, then this odd and cinematically deliberate (nearly one-shot) visual for "Weirdo" will clown you into all the feels that Girl Scout adeptly delivers. Directed by Kenny McCracken, this video has that blunt honesty that paints a picture, and a face in a way that makes it feel weird to not be a weirdo. Join the us in laughing and crying.

AntsLive - "Number One Candidate"

If you ever wanted to know what the brash, street-level sounds of AntsLive looks like at10,000 feet, look no further than "Number One Candidate," a visually stunning study in contrast directed y Tom Emmerson. Replete with all the proper teutonic alpine dress, setting, horses, and lady, this video can only be appreciated when listened to it as loudly as its fire panoramas project. Hit the action button above.

McKinley Dixon - "Tyler, Forever"

For those rare rhymesayers and their disciples who deftly but uncomfortably wary of an era of meek, predictable, autotuned into all nonsense, no nuance rappers, then this throwback effort by the deliriously talented McKinley is a welcomed testament to a bygone era. A self-described tribute track to “those we lost too soon,” this wonderfully gracious but equally gritty video for "Tyler, Forever" by director Jordan Rodericks puts all of this artist's multi-caliber efforts on display—full of life, love and the word witchery we expect from greatness. See more, hear more, and feel more.

Emei - "That Girl"

In the typical folly of outsiders, we estimated the talented Emei to be that girl—smart, young, talented in away that permeates all her creative efforts. Underneath that veneer though, especially in this good girl gone wrong video directed by Zay Mirigian, we learn that there is much more to surface level evaluations and even the best version of ourselves can be left feeling angsty and inadequate.

Cydnee With A C - "CRY ALONE"

The latent effects of internet cross cultural propagation is that you can feel the echoes of influences being passed back and forth and that its origins are almost impossible to perceive. Such is the case with Atlanta-born, K-pop-minded Cydnee With A C, who, alongside director PARKE, throws us into a surrealist visual world on "CRY ALONE." Think steampunk wizard of OZ.

Fridayy - "Know The Truth"

Always on the edge of swaggy, sultry R&B vibes, Fridayy delivers his as expected braggadocios verses in "Know The Truth," but the perk for the viewer is the route director Jaketheshooter took, elevating the trope of a player at work into a dual love affair with with alternative endings. As always, throwing in a speedy car race between dimensions always makes for a fun watch.

Chloe Star - "Element"

We don’t come across visuals quite as intimidating and uniquely feminine as Chloe Star’s "ELEMENT" too often, possibly a testament to her unique Persian and Native-American upbringing that was filled with strife at home both in Los Angeles and in her reservation in San Bernardino. Filled with imagery that director Jake Johnson deftly ties (literally in some cases by her long braided hair) to Chloe, it is a statement for a newcomer with a unique upbringing and energy that defies convention.

Dreamer Isioma - "Fuck Tha World"

Ok, so we basically stan everything Dreamer Isioma does, and with this ambitious cinematic effort for "Fuck Tha World," written by themselves and directed by Jared Avalos, we get another glimpse into their tirelessly imaginative vision. Not wanting to parcel out anything too revealing, this visual effort has the scope and production grandeur usually reserved for features, without any of the glossy indifference. Join the revolution.

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