Paravi Sets Her Heart on Fire in Self-Titled Debut EP 'PARAVI'

Photo: Julian Buchan

Talent, specifically performative talent, always has an aura, a wash of wings fluttering by without physical evidence. For Paravi, combining a kinetic physically radiant persona and her mind's Pinterest board, would be enough to impress most as an artist to get behind, but then upon hearing her voice, a whole new level of momentum is felt. A compression of creative ambitions, you are struck by how motivated Paravi is to external engineer her emotions, whether through traditional Indian theatre, graphic design, or musically setting “her heart on fire.” 

Paravi's self-titled, original debut EP pops right off the bat with the latest single “Skeleton,” a song that unfurls Paravi’s spectacular vocal range, first over piano tingles and then rolling chorus-backed polyrhythmic drums. It's a great song to begin with as it is a song about where we all start from—our family. “This is a song about being the amalgamation of my parents, my chosen family, and my ancestors," shares Paravi. "For the first time in my life, I found myself questioning whether or not I’m good enough, talented enough, special enough to reach the levels of success and impact I’ve always dreamt of.” A huge tempo and cadence shift occurs on the fresh track "Revenge Body," a sweet then sour, quiet then loud song that riddles why we have such inadequacy and incompatibility. Another nouveau track is "Star Girl," a layered, beautifully delicate, and ethereal song balanced by staccato, quick-sung verses that build into another wave of mellifluous melodies. 

“This project is 2 years in the making and I couldn’t be prouder of all the bruises and bumps that came with creating it," shares Paravi. "PARAVI is my reintroduction as an original and singular artist rather than the cover singer the world knows me to be. Every song on this track list speaks to a different part of me and packaging it as a self-titled project just made sense as a crash course into who I am as a songwriter and performer. Seeing an Indian name front and center as the title will not only teach people how to pronounce my name, but is the first step in a very long, passionate journey of supporting diversity and representation in the arts." 

Beginning with "Broken English," the EP crests into three previously released singles, all particular to Paravi’s unique approach and multicultural journey. The slow-rolling "Broken English" is a love letter to family, the imperfection of an accent matching the embrace of a family’s care. Next is "Angry" the EP's big hitter, a platform for Paravi to launch both her vocal chops and her dynamic lyrics, anthemic and bolstered by larger-than-life choruses. Ending with "Golden Child," the EP perfectly dovetails, ending with her first original song, a simultaneous reminder of how her songwriting has evolved but raw enough to reveal the youthful introspection that makes her so vivaciously approachable. However you dig into PARAVI, it's hard not to feel the ineffable force surrounding the artist at the heart of it all.

Listen to PARAVI below:

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