PinkPantheress Proves Incapable of Missing With "Just For Me"


You may be unfamiliar with PinkPantheress' name, but you've definitely heard her music before. The young pop-meets-drum-'n'-bass prodigy's work is inescapable in the best way possible, with each new release dominating TikTok before it even has the chance to release.  

PinkPantheress is like the artist equivalent of the SNKRS app, but instead of releasing coveted sneakers that few get to enjoy, she drops universally acclaimed bangers that incorporate countless genres, styles, and influences. The last time we saw the UK icon was on her melancholic anthem "Passion," and now the burgeoning creative returns with her latest bop "Just For Me," a bittersweet ballad primed to score the end of your summer.

Though "Just For Me" is in many ways an evolution of the styles and sounds that brought PinkPantheress into viral superstardom, stylistically, the track sees the upcoming UK artist branching into something more tender and romantic. Over a mix laden with acoustic guitar melodies and dynamic drum  'n' bass percussion, she delivers another stunning yet dulcet performance buoyed by her signature vocal register.  

"I don't write sad lyrics in an actual 'sad' way", she revealed to fans last month, "but in a studious, unlucky in love main character in a y/n x Harry x Zayn Wattpad love story way." If some of those cultural references are lost on you that's totally fine, because with or without context, "Just For Me" is the perfect track to play during a late-night drive alone or at a function with your friends.  

It seems like with every PinkPantheress release, her work somehow becomes simultaneously more refined and effortless. Whether or not this is your first introduction to the UK artist (it seems unlikely), there is no denying her raw amount of potential. Pulling from a wide range of influences to deliver an eclectic new sound, few artists have me as excited for the future as PinkPantheress.

Listen to  "Just For Me" below:

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