poptropicaslutz!, RIZ LA VIE, and GRANDMA Unite on Apocalyptic Anthem "WW3"


Stuck between the ensuing chaos of 2022 and the garbage fire that was 2021, these days it's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. If you've felt stressed the past year, I don't blame you, but during near-apocalyptic times like these, it is imperative that we have cathartic and emotion-filled anthems to help curb our anxieties. Luckily, this week poptropicaslutz! returns with their first release of 2022 - "WW3," a song that perfectly captures the emotional turmoil of the end of the world. Joined by RIZ LA VIE and GRANDMA, the three work in perfect symmetry to craft the ultimate track for your end of the world playlist.

It's been a minute since we last heard from the alt-rock-meets-punk duo poptropicaslutz!, but on "WW3" they return in full form. While their fans may expect their signature hard-hitting yet charismatic style on their newest track, poptropicaslutz! delivers listeners a banger that leans more toward the melodic end of the spectrum. That is not to say that "WW3" is without intensity, however, as on the track's chorus, the listener is hit over the head with a wall of sound comprised of heavy guitar tracks and percussion. Both elements work in tandem to create an energy that synthesizes the best parts of poptropicaslutz!, RIZ LA VIE, and GRANDMA.

Whether or not you've been tapped into pop-punk's revival over the past few years, poptropicaslutz! Is a group that needs to be on your radar this year. Delivering a fresh take on one of music's most infectious genres, "WW3" is a testament to the duo's (and their peers') affinity for creative songwriting. With the release of "WW3", poptropicaslutz!, RIZ LA VIE and GRANDMA are all starting the year off with a bang. Hopefully, it won't be their last in 2022.

Listen to  "WW3" below:

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