RAEGAN Walks Us Through Her Whimsical Alt-Pop Fusion EP 'FUCK RAEGAN,' Track By Track

Sign us up over time for a fearless storyteller who writes and produces all her music, especially one who looks like she’s been drafted off a horror movie storyboard. For NYC-based RAEGAN, delving into the gritty, the mercurial and the sensationalist of our human condition isn’t just natural but cozy-comfortable. RAEGAN’s delivery is edgy—a sonic version of holding a sharp knife while running, one moment feeling like hip-hop texture, then fully alt-pop the next, always raw and emotive. Either way, it's memorable, especially with amazing samples like coins being dropped or dogs barking. It's a cinematic experience that begged us to learn more, so we asked none other than RAEGAN. 


I made this song in high school out of a coin because I listened to a random intrusive thought that told me to. That happens all the time to be honest and it is either an amazing idea or a terrible one, no in between; luckily this one worked out for me. This song is kind of like a manifestation mantra for success and abundance in my career. I'm writing from the perspective of being victorious and famous when I was just a 16-year-old at my parent's house with no name.


"FROGS" is a fun, confidence-boosting song I wrote about getting cheated on. Of course, that feeling sucks and it's easy to feel sad, so I took my power back in the situation and reminded myself that they lost their princess and will be left with a world full of frogs.


This song has to be my favorite on the EP... I mean duh, the entire project is named after it. This was me coming of age, finding my identity, and then throwing it in everyone's face. I’d say this is the definition of my sense of humor, I'm being satirical and sarcastic and chanting with my haters: “FUCK RAEGAN!!!”


"WALTZ" is my coming out story, it is basically a lesbian Romeo and Juliet. This hauntingly beautiful instrumentation puts my contradictory sentiments into a sonic form. A forbidden love story that was written between the lines of feeling trapped within the strings of my parent's expectations and pulled down this unknown path of following my heart.


This entire project resonates with me taking my power back in what felt like powerless situations and this song is another instance of me doing that. I chose to be delusional with my reality and flip the script for my peace of mind. I told myself, that this person was only mean to me because they secretly had a crush on me and wanted to be with me. Not only did that make me feel better about this situation but it also gave me an unforeseen amount of confidence and the tools I needed to navigate this “bully.”


"101 DALMATIANS" is the juxtaposition to "FROGS." While both of the tracks are about getting cheated on, this song is about the dark and sorrowful reality of it all. This was me cutting myself open and being honest about how I truly felt. The time signature in this song changes throughout, making it a very uncanny and complex production, which mirrored my emotions at the time. Listening to this track, you can candidly feel what I felt.

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