Return to the Golden Age of Rock-and-Roll with Liily in  "Wash" [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit:  Kristy Benjamin

On Sept. 12, the edgy, frenetic rock-revivalist Liily smash back into the music scene with the release of their latest single, "Wash." Emerging from Los Angeles, the band has proven, through their dedication to creating music and passion for the rock and roll genre, that they cannot be contained to the scene of house parties, backyard shows or punk events in warehouses, even though all of that is pretty cool.    

Their debut EP, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, pays homage to traditional rock and roll while managing to create something unique and true to themselves. The same can be said for their new track "Wash." This punk-influenced track creates a nostalgia for the golden age of the genre through the band's feverish intensity and raw expression. In the words of the band themselves, "'Wash' is the most brutal song since The Bloodhound Gang's 'The Bad Touch.'"  

Accompanying this track's wild, percussion-lead chaos, Guitarist Sam De La Torre worked alongside director DL Guerra to create an exquisite stop-motion video. The video depicts action figures of the band members in an intense car chase before a dark twist sends the characters into a supernatural pandemonium.  

Liily has just kicked off their Fall US national tour with Bad Suns so make sure to grab tickets here.

+ Revisit Liily's energy-packed performance of  "Sold" below:  

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