RICEWINE Is Navigating His Way Through  "Selfluv"  [Q&A]


Talae Rodden is the Thai-Australian 20-year-old making major moves and turning heads under the moniker RICEWINE. Unrestrained by genre labels, RICEWINE prides himself on focusing on his complex emotions rather than easy to define soundscapes. A frequent Thailand visitor, RICEWINE has admitted that he develops a sense of isolation when visiting his hometown, which is an experience he channels heavily into his discography.

As a preview of his forthcoming album, Lovesick, RICEWINE is treating us to  "Selfluv," a gorgeous duet all about introspection. The captivating reverbs are absolutely heavenly, but it's RICEWINE's intimate storytelling paired with GUS' velvety vocals that keep us hooked. Although the talented pair contrasts two perspectives on love in "Selfluv," we are glad they have finally understood how important it is to love yourself before others.

On "Selfluv," RICEWINE exclusively shared with us,

“Have you ever met someone that has blown you away? This song is about someone I met whom I’d become completely infatuated with. I wanted to be the best version of myself for her. After being in multiple relationships, I had realized how important it is to know and love yourself before you blindly start chasing love. Because if you don’t love yourself, who will? I tried to make the song sound pretty as the subject matter is quite light.”

To celebrate the release of his lovely new single, we recently chatted with RICEWINE about his Thai heritage, introspection, and of course, "Selfluv."

OTW: How did you first get into music?

RICEWINE: I've always been interested in music since I was young. My parents would play music around the house all the time. I started playing guitar when I was young, and I started producing my own music at 16. I specifically remember listening to Grace by Jeff Buckley and just being completely in awe. I had never felt that way from music before and I wanted to create that feeling for others.

Does your Thai heritage have an influence on your music?

Where I grew up, there were very few people of Asian heritage. I felt very alone and different, and I think that kinda bled into the music. The feeling of isolation and loneliness are themes a lot of my music revolves around.

Your new single, "Selfluv" offers two perspectives on a romantic relationship. What led to this approach?

I made the beat and wrote the verse and chorus first. It was quite boring with just my vocals, so I sent it to GUS. I knew she'd fit perfectly as soon as I made the song. She came over and recorded her vocals; it was a really quick, organic process. When she heard my verse, it was only natural that she would speak on her experience with romantic relationships too. What resulted is such a happy tune that kinda reflects how both male and female view love.

What was it like working with GUS again?

It's always good to collaborate with GUS. She's a close friend of mine. She's incredibly talented and I’m really happy with how "Selfluv" sounds.

You've shared that it's important to love yourself before jumping into a relationship. What advice do you have for people who struggle with that?

If you're not at peace with yourself, you will never find happiness in someone else… You'll only bring others down. I know a lot of people struggle with self-love, me included, but at the end of the day there is only one you! You must take time to appreciate the good things about yourself, because if you don't love yourself, who will? It took me a long time to figure out who I am and how to be happy with myself. Big chillin now.

How excited are you for Lovesick?!

I'm so excited!! It's been a really long process, but I’m just glad that I get to release my music the way I want to. I hope my fans like it!

If you could headline a show anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

Definitely Bangkok. I would love my family in Thailand to come watch a show.

Who are your Ones To Watch?

My friends Nikodimos and Agung Mango. There's some really incredible talent coming out of Melbourne at the moment. It's been really exciting seeing these two grow and mature as artists, and I think the future looks very bright for them.

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