ROZET Proves an Unpredictable Wildflower With "Cake Face" Video [Premiere + Q&A]


Rozet is an artist that clearly thrives with some veil of mystery, a contrarian of immense talent, a personna with a purpose. Why bother decoding such a creative with a third party perspective? So we invited her to help explain her process, vision, and her brilliant new song and visualizer, "Cake Face."

Ones to Watch: Who is ROZET? What do you want your audience to take away from your work?

ROZET: ROZET is a wildflower. The part of me that is unpredictable and free. A flower that shows up wherever and however feels most natural in response to the season. My wildflower self is trans-species. I really never know what I'll do or how I'll do it. I feel so peaceful and calm within that hotspring of identity. This represents my relationship with nature, wellness and art.

How has your artist journey evolved thus far?

I just finished my first tour and it was unforgettable. I had never seen anyone sing the words to my songs before and me not know who they are. I went from contemplating in my room if my songs were too abstract or multilayered to fit in any genre or pool of people to now playing venues with over 1000 bodies in the room jamming out. I'm grateful to meet new souls and see them identify with this noise I'm making. It gave me chills.

Multi-disciplinary artists suffer from enormous choice, how do you decide what creative mediums work or not?

I think we are never done deciding. It is a primitive thing. I feel it and try it, or I don't. I try to minimize external opinions as much as possible, but in some cases it is necessary to broaden mediums and make them more relatable. Even still with this I am gentle and intentional, honoring my experience and mission on Earth first as much as possible.

What is "Cake Face" inspired by? Lyrically, especially.

"Cake Face" was inspired by the longing for time,space,and education within relationships, especially the relationship between the phone and social interactions. Whether it be career, family, romantic, or friends, I feel in the past few years the demand for quicker responses and being available at all times has created this additional pressure that some may not realize could be causing someone with mental health challenges to work even harder to feel important.

The lyric "these days they only know me when I'm on the telephony" truly explains very clearly the self-worth attached to being this visual reminder for people and if not, than you don't exist or are shamed for not being more available.

Sonically, the simplicity within the chords, I wanted it to hint toward an older era. Remembering a time when sending feelings and emotions through the mail took days, sometimes weeks to arrive at someone else's door. Then they'd have time to process that before responding. To give an emotionally regulated response. Now I feel there is sometimes shame associated with non-rapid responses. Imagining the feeling of being off grid and untraceable and how that could also be included in the conversations of success, talent, and health.

"Out of sight Out of Mind"

When I isolate from people and my phone, I actually have a chance to download and process what I have learned and infuse my music with it. Without that time period I'd show up as a glitching person. I would have no energy to contribute and essentially my mission here on earth is to respond to the times through my artful passions. I am happy in stillness. I want to surround myself with people who encourage me to take 10 minutes to take a break, while still being remembered and a priority.

How did you settle on the visual direction for  "Cake Face?"

The visuals for my songs usually take me about a year to even flush through. I always tell people I need to experience all the seasons with each song and visual. I like to observe how it flows through the space and how it bounces off of the community I am in.  

I am into social experiments and incorporating my mediums within that approach. Is it the response we all need, is it the holistic medicine I need right now?  I ask myself these questions a lot. Does video provide more depth to the narratives within "Cake Face?" Expand upon them?

Video does provide more depth to the narratives within a song like "Cake Face."
I need as much outlet as possible to convey a whole message within four minutes. Honestly I am grateful I have another day of life to continue to release music, so I put as much energy and thought into each piece as I possibly can, because I never know if I will again. It differs, sometimes I put more energy into the video than the song, and sometimes it's flipped.

"Cake Face" has a multilayered meaning. There's the relationship between individual and society, and there's the education around mental health and how society contributes to that in a possible or negative way. The final layer is the responsibility of that individual to decide what they can manage, what they can control and what they cannot. I am always writing songs and video concepts that stem from truly just trying to survive on this planet and enjoy the time I have here.

How does the rest of the EP pair with "Cake Face?" Is it a cohesive work, separate?

I feel right now the rest of the EP is still growing and evolving, "Cake Face" was my first stream of consciousness approach to writing so I feel it is my only journal-like piece on this project and I look forward to hearing my songs sprout all together in one garden.

What are your hopes and aspirations for the EP / visualizer?

My intention for the EP/ visualizer is to reveal a bit more about who I am and what my perspective is on health, the relationship with myself, and emotional intelligence. That is a continuous process and hopefully it will reveal a garden of people and listeners that understand me, so I can continue to talk to them and create this bond with likeminded people for as long as possible.

What's next for you? What should we be on the lookout for?

I am sitting in gratitude and yet walking with more energy to release more songs so that is what is next! I have so much music and an abundance of visual healing I look forward to sharing this fall!

Who are your Ones to Watch?

Most artists I'd consider my ones to watch are my talented family members and friends that I want to put shine on!

Producer- Richard Tandy
Artist/ Producer - George Tandy Jr.
Artist - Dylan Golden
Producer/ Painter - Wizz Dumb
Comedian - Lizzmatic
Animator - Olivia Mangione
Clothing Designer - Countess Brown
Artist - Amunbes
Artist - Austin Ward
Artist - Jesse Boykins III

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