Ruby Waters Has a "Supernatural" Gift for Alternative Songwriting [PREMIERE + Q&A]


Photo Credit:  Zack Vitiello

The previously untold tales of small Canadian town Shelburne will soon be narrated by alternative singer-songwriter Ruby Waters as she gears up for the exciting release of her dynamic new single, "Supernatural." With musically gifted parents, Waters inevitably fell in love with several aspects of music and soon realized her undeniable talent for quality songwriting.  

A seasoned busker, Waters has been generously sharing her talents with the busy streets of Canada to support her travels for quite some time. Although the 21-year-old of Métis descent only began releasing music last year with the nostalgic "Sweet Sublime," Waters' rosy career sees herself joining Ocean Alley on an expansive tour across North America this summer.

Always honest in her outstanding songwriting, Waters channels her purest emotions and expresses her truest self in "Supernatural." Honing in on the adrenaline-pumping experiences we often find ourselves in, Waters goes full force ahead with intoxicating melodies and infectious choruses in her newest offering. The accompanying music video for "Supernatural" depicts a great time all around as Waters lets loose with her close friends in an isolated forest, a car junkyard, and a noisy party. With liquid courage and sensual touching, Waters and company dance in the blacklight and moon the camera as she sings about being on cloud nine.

On "Supernatural," Ruby Waters exclusively shared with us,

"The song to me is about the feeling of diving into something you've been curious about for a while. Going into it head first without thinking. The video is just my friends and I fucking around. It's even directed by one of my best friends. It all started with a couple drinks."

Ones To Watch has your first listen and look of "Supernatural" below:

Ahead of her performance at our  "Northside Sessions," we chatted with Waters about her busking experiences,  "Supernatural," and upcoming tour with Ocean Alley.


OTW:  Do you think you would be a musician if it hadn’t been for your parents?

RW: Honestly no. I don’t think I would’ve dug in this hard without their influences. I love that my parents are die-hard musicians. I remember thinking when I was a kid that I wanted to sing just like my mom and play guitar just like my dad. I thought they were so badass, true legendary rockstars… And they still are. My whole family is musical. They all pitched in together one year on my first acoustic guitar when I was eight, and I ended up using that guitar all over the map until I was like 19.

OTW:  Can you share a weird or lasting memory from being a busker?

RW: I was busking in New York one time around the corner from Times Square and a super excited and quirky dude named Joseph came over to say hi. He said that he’d be right back so I jammed another tune. He came back a few minutes later with a pomegranate for us to split, haha. So we just sat down in my fabric guitar case and chilled and people watched and I’ve never enjoyed a pomegranate more in my life.


OTW: You sing about exciting experiences in “Supernatural.” When have you felt the most overwhelmed with adrenaline?

RW: Tough Q 'cause I think there are so many different kinds of adrenaline. I think I get the most adrenaline when I’m about to go on stage. I’d compare it to like the feeling you get right before you jump off a cliff. You’re ready to go but your legs won’t jump for you. Then finally you just fuckin' jump. You crash into the water and the water is warm, and when you’re swimming up to the top, you realize that other people are swimming in there with you and the water is warm, and the feeling is good and real and nobody is alone for a moment.

OTW: What are you most looking forward to on your upcoming tour with Ocean Alley?

RW: To be able to play shows and explore at the same time. Tour life is a dream to me. With the Ocean Alley tour, I’m super pumped to travel across Canada again and play a couple shows in B.C. I’ve never ever played any shows in the states nor have I traveled to some of them so I’m just stoked for the whole ride.

OTW:  Who are your current Ones To Watch?

RW: Cameron.

For more on Ruby Waters, stay tuned for her upcoming performance at our "Northside Sessions!"

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