Sophia Galaté's "Should I Tell You" Is Complicatedly Delicate

As with any craft, or habit really, there is an urge to apply its effects anywhere possible: your classic hammer-sees-nail scenario. In the instance of spectacular newcomer Sophia Galaté, it's trying to apply words to a song, ‘Should I Tell You,’ that already has all the best words stitched into its piano drive melody. Along with its poignantly shot visual accompaniment, ‘Should I Tell You’ is deliberately stripped down, a live from-the-floor take to ensure the rawness of the emotions cut through, a desire “to be seen” and obviously heard, without filters or effect. 

The singer herself explains best: “When I decided to release this record I knew that I wanted it to be performed and recorded live. Since this song is so deeply personal to me, I wanted to be seen while singing it, so that my viewers could really see & feel my emotion. I kept this song in its rawest form - live, no background vocals and just piano/upright bass. I love the simplicity of the record because it allows my voice and story to shine through.

The result is hard to contest, a complicatedly delicate song with “no distractions.” Its the bare bones effort of anguished, thwarted love that allows her words to deliver the beauty of a singer whose voice is warm even when describing the cold conduct of a past flame. More to come on this wonderful talent in ’24, but in meantime consider yourself shamed if you haven't listened already. 

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