Surf Trash Release Stellar Double Single 'The Last One/ That's The Night' Ahead of Upcoming EP

Alt-rock trio Surf Trash continues to explore their sound and cultivate their own unique brand of indie rock with their latest double single release, "The Last One / That's The Night." Both singles are full of gritty instrumentation and grooving vocals, giving listeners a taste of what to expect from the band's forthcoming EP. 

The double single opens with the punchy and existential "The Last One." According to the band, comprised of brothers Andrew (drums/lead vocals), Nicholas Scott (bass), and Lachlan Jackson (guitar), the single evolved from its previous acoustic form after it came to life when the group hit the studio earlier this year. It carries a darker, spacier energy that examines isolation while raw guitar riffs, driving bass, and crashing percussion fill the air. "It's to be listened to while driving by yourself at night," says the band.

"That's The Night" counters "The Last One" with a more upbeat, nostalgic atmosphere. It embodies the feeling of driving aimlessly with your friends while music blasts from the speakers. Its warm, washed-out guitar tones and dynamic drums lock in smoothly with the bass, bathing listeners in the kind of sonic glow that can only be felt at golden hour in the late summer. The band shares, "It's a track that has been floating around for some time. Andy was playing an acoustic incarnation of the song earlier in the year while we were on the road. It felt good at the time, and we find anything that sounds decent in its rawest form (acoustic guitar and vocals) will sound really good once we are all playing it."

The upcoming EP, which will drop after the New Year, is an eclectic collection of songs that showcase the band's growth and continued ability to create profoundly relatable and catchy music. "What I like most about these tracks and the whole EP, in general, is that all the songs are sonically and musically different from each other," shares the band. "But as a group of songs start to finish, they still work as a cohesive listening journey."

Listen to "The Last One / That's The Night" below:

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