Surfaces Prescribe a Dose of Hope and Euphoric Bliss in 'Horizons'


As the news cycle continues to remain a perpetual cycle of general unease, 2020 is feeling off to a rocky start, to say the least. So what are we to do? Well, for Texas-based musical duo, Surfaces, a dose of hope and dash of optimism is just what the doctor prescribed with the release of their latest album to date, Horizons.    

Though of course, the content of the album was completed far before any of this global mess surfaced (no pun intended); yet, the specific effect of the album speaks volumes to the function of their euphoric concept as a whole.  

Let's start with the name Surfaces, meant to represent the various layers present in life. Often feeling like music focused on the melancholic end of the spectrum, Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank wanted to connect people through positivity. In Padalecki's own words to ECHO, “I wanted to make a name that had levels to it, Surfaces reminds you that there are layers to people, you can use music as a tool to surpass skin color, pass backgrounds, dark pasts."    

The twelve-song oeuvre incorporates an array of genres to sonically portray their light-hearted message. Embedding elements of jazz, pop R&B, reggae, and soul, their sound is fittingly multilayered, glazed with the sunniest of vibes.  The album begins with intro track "Rising.” Ocean breezes and wind chimes move into a funky electric guitar part as disco-esque "aahs" and an energetic synth line drives the track forward, inducing a sudden head bop and foot tap (yes, these symptoms are unavoidable).  

It is the perfect introduction to eleven other bops, including popular singles "Keep It Gold," "Good Day," "Bloom," and personal favorite "Take It Easy.“ Put simply, the listening experience is immensely pleasurable from start to finish. Frank's vocals soar over Padalecki’s luscious, multi-instrumental arrangements, while the sanguine nature of the album translates to every corner of the project: songs, videos, cover art and all.  

Listen to Horizons below:

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