Swimming With Bears' "Don't Think About It" Proves Rock is Made for Dancing [PREMIERE]


In a pop music market saturated with solo singers and DJ-producers, it is easy to forget how a great rock band can get the dancefloor buzzing. There's something so cathartic about letting your hair down and sweating out your worries while four dudes bang on some instruments and belt their lungs out. Well, Swimming With Bears is here to jog your memory. The band's newest single, "Don't Think About It," will rinse out all your stress while you revel in the group's optimistic escapism.

"Don't Think About It" is a track that evokes the carefree opportunism of whiling away summers in your teens unbound by the responsibility of adulthood. The track's sun-soaked guitars and unfaltering groove conjure up a hedonistic sense of freedom that seems further and further out of grasp as we age, providing a welcome jolt of possibility in a nine-to-five life.  

As the song booms into the chorus, lead vocalist Joe Perry wails, "I've always known from the start/ that I was born to roll/ Just needed somewhere to rock/ Other than my bedroom walls," a refrain that you could easily imagine yourself singing along to in the car while playing hooky from high school, headed for the beach with the beer you stole from your parents in the trunk.

Swimming With Bears headed up to Seattle to work with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Brandi Carlile) on their upcoming self-titled EP. According, to the band, Hadlock had an important part in developing the project's carefree vibe,

"We're kind of this sunny, summer time band but snowy Seattle actually ended up being the perfect place to make this EP. Hadlock had us so relaxed from the start. He made it a constant theme to just let the songs breathe and come to life on their own and not focus on any one part too much. Looking back on it, we became so much more alive as individuals and as a band."

Swimming With Bears is set to release on September 13 via Cinematic Music Group and Bear Creek Records. Get a little taste of what's to come with an exclusive first listen "Don't Think About It" here, but don't blame us when you decide to skip work for a road trip.

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