Take a Trip With the Enigmatic Aries to "SANTA MONICA"


If you have been keeping a close eye to Ones To Watch, then chances are you may already be familiar with Aries  – well about as familiar as one could be with an enigmatic rising artist and producer. An unconventional artist for a number of reasons –from skirting traditional methods of fans, opting for a more direct approach of reaching fans on YouTube via self-directed music videos to combing out a strong identity with releases that challenge typical genre norms– Aries has cultivated a genuine following that is eagerly watching his every move. Well, fans, new and old alike, will certainly be pleased by his latest wondrous new release.

Self-released through Aries' label WUNDERWORLD, "SANTA MONICA" is an idyllic joyride you need to take. Opening up on a series of sun-soaked electric and acoustic guitars, "SANTA MONICA" at first feels like a noted sunnier departure from Aries' past work. Yet, in no time at all, Aries makes it clear as day that this is inarguably another one of his mesmerizing distinctive works.

Retaining the hip-hop influences Aries has flexed in past singles like "SAYONORA" and "RACECAR," the trip that is "SANTA MONICA" leverages not only hip-hop but rock and emo influences as well. But even mentioning the clear sonic influences that makeup "SANTA MONICA" feels like you are only scratching the surface and therein lies the magic of Aries.  

You can pick apart the sonics of Aries all you want, and we are sure the producer would welcome it, but time and time again, his music will escape such simple classifications. Simply put, "SANTA MONICA," much like all of his songs that have led him to this point, can only be described in one way. It is an encapsulation of an  inimitable vibe that feels perfectly at home booming from your headphones in your bedroom as much as it does blasting on a joyride down PCH.

Listen to "SANTA MONICA" below:

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