Tayler Buono Is Finally Able to Put the Past Behind Her in "IFHU"  Video

I don't remember the last time a music video gave me full body chills, but "IFHU" by Tayler Buono made up for that lost time. The video not only tells a painful and raw story of heartbreak but also the road to healing.  

Starting off with a montage of clips that are explained as the video plays, Buono is seen driving a car that we later find out, she stole from her ex. As she is driving down a dirt road, throwing out his belongings and memorabilia that embody their broken relationship, Buono stops in the middle of the field and... well you'll just have to watch and see how it plays out.  

At the very end, as the credits are rolling, "Produced By Tayler Buono" is displayed on the screen and that's where the realization of how much time, effort, and emotion went into creating this beautiful yet heart-wrenching story. You can't help but imagine how freeing this was for her to create as she explains, "the music video for 'IFHU' was a heartbroken girls’ dream to make".

Buono spoke further on the single and video, sharing, "'IFHU' is about the painful closing of a huge chapter in my life. I wrote it after my ex broke up with me over a text message. I was in an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship with him over a period of 10 years on and off. I went back countless times and every time I felt like I lost all my confidence and self worth. I felt trapped and addicted to the relationship but what I didn't know back then is that I held the power inside all along. I just chose to ignore it. 'IFHU' was a crucial part of my healing because I needed to finally allow myself to get angry and stop making excuses. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I needed to allow myself to fall flat on my face and admit how miserably broken I was so that from there I can rebuild my life in a stronger and more beautiful way."

Buono created the music video alongside her video team, Manny Figueroa and Collective Films, with a very low independent budget. They sourced the car from Central Florida Pick and Pay spent about two full days just cleaning up the smashed glass before continuing the shoot.  

Buono recently announced that "IFHU" is only the beginning. It is the first stage of her upcoming project, “How to get through a Breakup,” that Buono will release through a series of singles and videos this year. Speaking further on the project, Buono shared, "It's been a crazy healing journey and I want to share this with the world because I know there are many others like me. My hope is that through my vulnerability others will feel empowered and know that they're not alone."  

Watch the  "IFHU" video below:

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