The Aces Signal Their Third Album With "Always Get This Way"

Sometimes dancing is the best way to shake off a case of the blues, right?

The Aces invite you onto the dance floor with twinkling, '80s-inspired synths and lush layers of vocals in their new single, “Always Get This Way.” They establish an immediate retro feel with a filtered drum beat and bold guitar riffs. Each melody is catchier than the last, making this single a certifiable earworm in the making. However, hiding in the disco-ball-brightness of The Aces’ pop mastery is a familiar ache. It’s that quiet loneliness of being stuck inside your own head; the urge to scream, but biting your tongue instead. They sing, “I don’t wanna call you, but I really can’t sleep / and I’ve been wearing a smile, pretending to eat.”

The glittering danceability of the track lays the perfect foundation for this contrasting lyrical tone, deepening "Always get This Way" with a twinge of melancholy. This is my favorite pop phenomenon—the emotional shift that occurs when you listen past a song’s hooky genius, and suddenly it evolves into so much more than a catchy tune. The Aces have infused “Always Get This Way” with clever versatility, wherein you could cry to the indie-pop single just as easily as you could scream sing-along to into your hairbrush.

“Always Get This Way” arrives alongside news of The Aces’ upcoming third album, I’ve Loved You For So Long, set to release June 2. Coupled with their previous single, “Girls Make Me Wanna Die”, this album is set to be an electrifying return for the indie-alternative femme-fatale icons.

Watch the "Always Get This Way" visualizer below:

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