The Marà­as Deliver a Mesmerizing Moment of Respite in "Hold It Together"

Photo: Bethany Vargas

The world moves a mile at a minute. Well, technically speaking, the world moves on its axis at roughly 16 miles a minute, but we are being poetic here, not cramming for a physics test. Physics versus perception aside, The Marà­as' latest single and Twin Peaks - evoking video has the answer for however fast it may feel like your world is spinning.

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"Hold It Together" is a hypnotic reminder to slow down and take a breath. Los Angeles' sexiest band employs their trademark brand of hushed lulls and entrancing, textured instrumentation and production to create a world you cannot help but lose yourself in. But  "Hold It Together" is more than just another spellbinding addition to the band's velvet-draped catalog. Their latest single doubles as a poignant moment of reflection and introspection for frontwoman Marà­a, who shared with The FADER,

“As an introvert on tour and the only woman in a band, I was extremely anxious and stressed during this time. I think the song represents my inner turmoil. We also wanted the video to represent this as well. Bethany's concept captured it beautifully. The chrome balls, from my perspective, almost represented my brain. I wanted to console it and hold it, but at times, it got too much for me to bear and it spiraled out of control.”

"Hold It Together" arrives like a breath of fresh air in a world that at times feels like it is moving faster than we can ever hope to keep up with. This is a mesmerizing moment of respite given sonic form.  

Listen to "Hold It Together" below:

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