The Millennial Club's 'She's So Insane' EP Is Dream-Pop Bliss

The Millennial Club's debut EP, She's So Insane, reminds us once again that these musical wonder kids can make magic. Back by popular demand with their first full-length EP, The Millennial Club doesn't leave out any of their indie dream-pop bliss in She's So Insane. The collection is reminiscent of the 1975, if they took a road trip down PCH, each bringing relaxed riffs and ethereal sounds. Dripping with emotion and dosing out realistic lyrics, TMC put their hearts on the line in this uniquely harmonious compilation.  

The Millennial Club is comprised of singer Andres Owens, bassist Jared Ortiz, guitarist, saxophonist Jake Stevenson, and drummer Tyler Kamei. Opening for the likes of Conan Gray and Charlotte Lawrence, this Southern California born is set for stardom.

We chatted with frontman Andres Owens of the band for a closer look into each She's So Insane  song and its meaning.

The beginning of the title track, "She's So Insane," is akin to fans' wait for the ever-postponed EP – long and winding. But the dreamy guitar soothes us and spikes of electronic beats echo around us, until Andres Owens serenades us with his smooth and sultry voice. There's a star quality to this single – it wraps around you with its musical, dreamy bliss.  

“'She's So Insane' feels like the intro into what has now become the signature of The Millennial Club. It's a simple tune, but it’s something I think people have come to expect at TMC shows - a personal favorite for sure."  

"Santa Barbara" enlightens listeners with its fairy-like piano and tropical tunes.   It's soft and subtle, until we hear that delicious drop of the bass. "I don't want to be a cliché but I'm missing you babe" – The Millennial Club knows love songs are cliché, but they rise above all of it.  

"I'd like to think that this is one of our more unique tracks. It's sort of a concoction of a bunch of our music, and I'm always stoked to play it live. It’s really our own take on an R&B/pop blend."

The next track, "MI," starts with a calm aura, featuring relaxed and soft vocals. The vocals climb higher, the beat explodes, and we are at a dance in 1986 slow dancing with our loved one.

"In every way, ‘MI’ is the hardest song we've ever tasked ourselves with writing and producing. It was also, without a doubt, the most worth it. For us, listening to this track feels like taking a look into the last two years of our lives. Altogether, it’s our most collective work as a band as well as our most proud achievement. We’re so excited for everyone to hear it."

With the raspy synths and vocals, "IDWBILWY" pulls us in immediately. "I don't want to be in love with you" is the full title, and it is a mouth-full. But it's a track about moving on from love, even when it's excruciatingly difficult.  

"The final version of the track came from something I wrote in high school - over five years ago at this point. Surprisingly, the song sort of evolved into what is now a TMC song - which I was thrilled about because I wasn't sure it would fit our sound. At the end of the day, I think a lot of our songs have almost chosen themselves, so to speak. The idea of it, both thematically and sonically, have become undeniably us."

An upbeat powerhouse single, there's so much love bundled in "Give It Up." With jazzy guitar solos that make for an excellent and funky vibe, 80s-esque high-pitch piano synths, TMC encapsulates the theme of giving up, and letting go.

”'Give It Up’ has always felt in a way like the TMC 'anthem’ (in a good way, I'd like to think) because of the overly upfront nature of the song. In essence, the song is really saying, 'Shut up and hear me out. I love you, and I wanna show you’ - which is kinda the theme of our music, I suppose. Getting people to put away their biases and expectations of music and just listen. It’s poetic."

Another love song that gives us a dose of truth is "love is so hard!" With the velvety raspy vocals of Andres Owen, we can't help but think of John Mayer… and then think about our exes. The music flows through you, akin to smooth jazz with beachy undertones that lull uou into a euphoric state.

“'love is so hard!’” is my most favorite to play live. It feels like it changes every single time we play it. I get emotional, I can't help it, what can I say?"  

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