The Wait Is Over - BETWEEN FRIENDS Release Video for "shiny" & New Mixtape


2021 is shaping up to be a great year for music, as sibling duo BETWEEN FRIENDS returns from their hiatus with their newest mixtape tape 001 - the first in a series of three. It has been a while since we've gotten music from the LA artists, but in addition to tape 001, the group makes their long-awaited return with a video for their single "shiny" as well. Though the track may evoke comparisons to MIA and Crystal Castles, "shiny" is a refreshing and unique single that was well worth the wait. Its accompanying visual is full of melancholy and controlled chaos.

Though two years have passed since BETWEEN FRIENDS completed their groundbreaking alt-pop project we just need some time together, the siblings hit the ground running in 2021 with "shiny." Over steady percussion and a pulsating synth loop, BETWEEN FRIENDS vocalist Savannah sings about the excitement of a new romance while draped in an assortment of futuristic outfits. The track's minimalistic composition hides an astounding amount of depth beneath it, as the two siblings effortlessly synthesize elements of electronic, alternative, and hip-hop music to make something original. The production on "shiny" feels just as interesting as BETWEEN FRIENDS did in 2018, but this time around their artistic vision feels more focused and nuanced than ever before. Even the songwriting on "shiny" oozes a calculated precision with its uncommon structure and melody. The video for "shiny" is just as interesting, with shots of the two siblings causing trouble and reveling in their own artistry freely.

There is little doubt that fans will rejoice at the return of BETWEEN FRIENDS, and luckily the sibling duo was able to make their newest mixtape, tape 001, worth the wait. It is rare that an artistic group ends a 2-year hiatus with a project containing this much clarity and willingness to take risks, but luckily 2021 seems to be full of surprises. With more futuristic and iconoclastic tracks like “Stay with it Bby” and “Scubadiveee” - which I imagine are what Kali Uchis would sound like if she decided to make vaporwave music - tape 001 is definitely not a mixtape to be missed. Already one of my favorite projects released this year, tape 001 is full of original ideas and slick production that will leave you hoping we won't have to wait too long for the next one.  

Watch the video for  "shiny" and stream tape 001 below.