Tim Atlas' "Tangerine" Is a Luscious Ode to Understated Beauty


Tim Atlas  and his  silky new single "Tangerine" are picked straight off the tree of righteous R&B neo-soul. Growing up as a marching band student, Atlas eventually earned himself a spot on The Voice, during which Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams took notice of his remarkable talent. Before the unveiling of his forthcoming EP, Together Lonely, set for release Nov 8, Atlas is delivering his luscious new single, "Tangerine."

Written about an unnoticed beauty, "Tangerine" acknowledges the people who may not be in the spotlight but definitely deserve to be. The accompanying visual incorporates an inviting tangerine-toned palette that reflects how Atlas feels about those who are not recognized for their worth. Throughout the Joseph Diaz-directed video, Atlas is shown playing beer pong with mannequins and dancing with Mikaela Jagim as he sings "Tangerine" with his utterly soothing vocals.

On "Tangerine," Tim Atlas shared,

"People give off different types of energy, and those auras are often associated with specific colors in my head. 'Tangerine' was written about someone that may go under the radar, usually understated, but can actually be the most interesting, beautiful person in the room. I also learned a choreographed dance, which is a huge feat, because if you know me, I'm a below-average dancer."

Let Tim Atlas whisk you away with his above-average dance moves in the "Tangerine" video below:

Can't get enough of Tim Atlas? Catch Tim Atlas on tour  with Goldroom and revisit our rooftop performance with the righteous R&B artist below.

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