The Immigrant Experience Is at the Heart of Tà'KE's  'The Art of Letting Go' [Premiere]

Photo:  Alex Kleis

Music is the best expression of the immutable human spirit,  simultaneously encapsulating our need to strive, to overcome hardships, and express our creative self. On his new EP,  Tóke gets to share an incredible story of personal growth, personifying the refugee experience and we are very excited to premiere it.  

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and migrating to a small town in Germany at the age of nine,  The Art of Letting Go is a cornucopia of trials and tribulations stemming from the immigrant experience: fear of the unknown, fear of leaving the familiar, self-identity, self-confidence, love gained, and love lost.  

Tóke’s ability to channel and empathize complex emotional situations makes his music a documentary on an individual scale, relaying grands events on an intimate level, almost conversationally. A beautiful message at a time when listening and empathizing could not be more needed, and Tóke delivers said message with a wide-open heart and honey tones in his voice.  

Listen to The Art of Letting Go  below:

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