Two Feet and grandson Join Forces For the Explosive "Until I Come Home"

Photo: Austin Cieskzo

Today sees  Two Feet  joining forces  with alternative rocker  grandson to release the intoxicating single and music video, “Until I Come Home.” The explosive electronic-soul single is matched with a sleek film noir visual, featuring the two artists and will serve as the lead single off Two Feet’s forthcoming full-length project.

On “Until I Come Home, Two Feet continues to push against the constraints and expectations of traditional pop songwriting. It’s a short but heartfelt track that highlights his silky vocals, poignant lyrical style, and examines feelings of anxiety. "I finished the demo to "Until I Come Home” but felt like something was missing,“ shares the New Jersey native. "grandson came over one day and asked to hear some unfinished music. I played him a couple songs, but he loved 'Until I Come Home' the most and jumped on the second verse.”

grandson’s sonic presence elevates the track with his alt-rock energy and magnetic vocals. “I first became a fan of Bill’s [Two Feet] creative vision when I would sneak side stage to watch him perform when we were booked at the same festivals," says grandson. "When I came over to finally make a song together, he played me dozens of ideas, each one more exciting than the last. I’m grateful to have co-written a page in the great book of Two Feet.”

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The accompanying music video, directed by Erik Rojas, is a black and white story full of twists, turns, and an explosive ending. Opening with a shot of Two Feet sitting in his car as rain falls, viewers watch him anxiously deal with inner turmoil and contemplation before walking into a mysterious warehouse filled with silent, enigmatic women, all shrouded in black.

Our protagonist then meets with their accomplice, grandson, and the duo proceeds to pour over the city’s blueprints. In an almost Fight Club-esque scene, grandson begins to argue with an increasingly hesitant Two Feet over a still unknown plan. In the video’s climax, grandson sits him down in front of a collection of TV screens and makes him push a mysterious button that levels the entire city. As the video ends, the juxtaposition of grandson manically laughing and Two Feet staring into the camera full of regret leaves watchers with goosebumps and full of questions.

Alongside the release, Two Feet kicks off his North American tour on November 19 at LA’s The Novo with support from electro-pop duo Fiji Blue.

Watch the  "Until I Come Home" video below:

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