'up bad' Is a New Direction for Experimental Artist David Shawty


David Shawty completely rejects a traditional approach when creating music. His melodic, sometimes pitched, vocals are infectious across every track, but what sets him apart most is his inclination to perform over wild experimental beats and the creative way he structures his songs. One of his breakout moments came from the glitchy track  "Pressure." The track is loud and abrasive with stuttering vocals and a rushing instrumental that blended both electronic and hip hop. Other tracks such as  "who let the dogs out" are standouts for David Shawty's wild vocal inflections.  

David Shawty experiments further on the more melodic EP titled up bad. The project consists of three tracks and shows David Shawty performing on more stripped-back psychedelic hip hop beats. Once again, David Shawty's vocal performance is unlike any other artist. The title track  "up bad" is my personal favorite of the three with an ethereal tone and one of David Shawty's catchiest hooks.

up bad  is an experimental reinterpretation of electronic, pop, and hip hop sounds that cannot be replicated by any other artist. David Shawty continues to subvert expectations and push the creative envelope.

Listen to up bad by David Shawty below:

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