Vince Staples'  Self-Titled Album  Presents an Unflinching Look at the Artist

Vince Staples' hotly-anticipated  self-titled album arrives as a perfect demonstration of his subtle complexity and individualistic style. Produced in its entirety by infamous rap producer Kenny Beats, Vince Staples effortlessly demonstrates the frankness, vision, and genius of the idiosyncratic artist's perspective.  

Staples was introduced in the early 2010s and by the middle of the decade, had established himself into the fabric of the evolving music scene. He has worked with everyone from Billie Eilish, Jhené Aiko, A$AP Rocky, James Blake, to the late and great Mac Miller. With his introspective, undeniably conscious style, he set the framework for an immovable presence in the unfolding industry. Through his own work, Staples advocates for authentic storytelling while setting a standard for his peers.

The diligence and intentional nature of the 10-track collection elevate the minimalist approach that he has mastered. Staples has released three albums prior to Vince Staples, in each employing the same distinctively disorganized and commanding sounds highlighted in his most recent work.  Staples and Kenny Beats build on this diversity in genres, including notes of EDM, pop, lo-fi, rap, hip-hop, and more. Throughout Vince Staples, the creative duo is fearless in challenging the etiquette and structure of a molded genre.

An exposé of Staples' personal experiences, Vince Staples is a memoir of rhythm and relatability set in the dysphoric world around him. Staples confronts the experience and expectations of his past in straightforward and hard-hitting bars. He details the denials and youthful doubt in "Taking Trips" with the lines, "I knew I was doing the wrong thing / But I guess it was more important to be accepted by the guys than anything else." In "The Shining," Staples assuredly pleads, "It’s not what you think (It ain’t that at all) / I could be gone in a blink, /I don’t wanna leave (Don’t, we gone) /Yeah, it’s not what you thought (Thought this shit was)."

Layered with samples and lacking any big-name features, Vince Staples  is a blend of chaos and clarity, the juxtaposition of bleak moments and comedic relief. Infused with contagious candor and blunt empathy, Vince Staples is a representation of who the artist was and who he has grown to be.

Listen to Vince Staples  below:

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