Vitesse X Announces New Album 'Us Ephemeral,' Drops Hypnotic New Single


Photo: Jennifer Medina

While many of you spent this morning sleeping in or commuting to work, I was up at the crack of dawn ringing a bell on the roof of my apartment. The purpose? To herald in Vitesse X's first single of 2022 - "Us Ephemeral." Alongside its Jennifer Medina-directed visual, Vitesse X also announced today that her next LP, also titled Us Ephemeral,  will be out later this spring. Today, is a big day for fans of Vitesse X's unique style of psychedelic yet ambient dream-pop, and I'm glad that we could all come together to celebrate.  

"Us Ephemeral" is the perfect track for starting your new year off on the right foot. Vitesse X's affinity for blending elements of dream-pop, drum & bass percussion, and vaporwave is made immediately  apparent with her newest track's hypnotic yet energetic feel. Vitesse X's hazy vocals flow seamlessly over a mix that is so cathartic and refreshing you'll be forgiven for canceling therapy this week. Released alongside the single, the video for "Us Ephemeral" features a warm and nostalgic feeling that works well to complement the track's unique tranquility. Armed with a vintage camcorder, scenes of our hero in nature and with her friends work to amplify the nostalgic and melancholic energy of "Us Ephemeral."

“I wrote this song at the very beginning of lockdown, reflecting on all of the beautiful people, places and experiences that have touched my life," Vitesse X notes. "This song came out as an homage to these things, while at the same time, recognizing the fleeting nature of it all. I wanted to express that in embracing our impermanence, we can truly savor the moments that make us whole." Vitesse X also reveals that her upcoming LP Us Ephemeral "is a call to return back to ourselves, to feel without judgment or resistance; self-actualization as an act of selflessness."    

As we move into 2022 many of us are flocking to the metaverse, eager to leave 2021 in the dust as we play NFT soccer or whatever. Though the impulse is tempting, tracks like Vitesse X's "Us Ephemeral" remind us that everything both good and bad is fleeting. The chaos of 2021 was a challenge, but we all overcame it and emerged stronger than ever in 2022. With infinite potential at our fingertips, how are we supposed to look forward to the future without a healthy mindfulness of the past?  

Watch the "Us Ephemeral" video below:

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