Weathers Personifies the Inner Demons of Success in "Dirty Money" [PREMIERE]


Over the past several years, LA-based alt-rock quartet Weathers has found growing success with a truly infectious sound and introspective lyrics. Since forming in 2015, the young band has gained significant and well-deserved traction with debut album Kids in the Night, which explores mental health themes with both sincerity and hope. Further touring with Saint Motel and DREAMERS has shown that these energetic newcomers indeed have a promising future. Weathers will kick off their busy 2019 today, with an exclusive Ones to Watch premiere of "Dirty Money".

Weathers has so far defied convention by producing unapologetically catchy songs while maintaining intensely honest lyrical depth, a trend that "Dirty Money" follows flawlessly. With this latest release, Weathers stays true to their signature-layered lo-fi vocals and gritty, expansive melodies–all while adding elements of alt-pop for a truly compelling, undeniably catchy single.  

Despite the song's dance-able, spirited sound, "Dirty Money" lyrically explores a less cheery topic: the sometimes unsavory relationship between mental health and success. A repeated refrain of "Might be better for you if you don't know where I've been" reflects the inherent struggle of maintaining integrity while pursuing success. In the final verse, the vocals distort to a low, devilish pitch, ending the song on an abrupt up-beat. Within the context of a song inspired by the internal distortions that can result from success, such a vocal and lyrical complement displays a remarkably astute creative understanding by Weathers. And we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Weathers gave Ones to Watch some insight on the inspiration of the song:

“‘Dirty Money’ is about the effects that success can have on a person's mental health. We came to the topic of 'the music industry’ and how tough of a business it can be/how our lives would change if things worked out. We wanted to think outside the box and have a different take on mental health with that being the route of being successful and the internal battle fighting your inner demons such as greed, arrogance, and envy.”

Ones To Watch has you covered with the first listen to "Dirty Money" in the visualette below:

Be sure to catch Weathers on tour with Magic Giant and Castlecomer through March!

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