Weekly(ish) Rewind: Dec 5th

1. ‘NOBODY’S HOME’ Will Joseph Cook: Its almost impossible to think of a better concept to pair with Will’s latest bouncy single than a bright as a sun, glowing bestie who can equal all the irreverent vibes of the song, as they parade thru pubs, parks and people of London. Directed by Bertie Gilbert, and held together by what I assume is the IRL human greescreen of Miles Camara, the visuals are a highlight reel of both the route of daily life, and its excellence the paired with a good friend; feel free to stare at the bight light here:


2. ‘JUNGLE’ Chanpan; feat. Ladji Mouflet: A song that bucks every sonic convention & bangs accordingly, isn’t one that fits into a typical visual narrative, so director & band member Grace Dumdaw of our new NYC faves Chanpan mirrored the song. Taking the genreless approach sonically, and visually melded a series of surreal cyberpunk dreamscapes (complete with seizure warning) that melts into distorted anime, action cut scenes and general mayhem. Stay tuned till the end: 

3. ‘PARIS FASHION WEEK’ FELIX!: If you’ve been jamming to this song like we have, you know its not a song that allows for any half-ass visuals, and true to its hard hitting vocals & churning bass, director Damian Mejia didn’t mess round. Taking the full drip trip effect to every scenic local in LA, FELIZ! & the fit bring the brashness like a punch to your wardrobe. Cast yourself as background by clicking here:

4. ‘Separate Ways’ Eyedress feat. The Marias: A good love story can be a trope, but its also the singular most relatable song material, so how do you make it interesteting after being told for the thousandth time. Two good concepts executed perfect by PRTND Studios, who served as both director and animator on this gem of a song; firstly, introduce a weird alien / space angle and secondly, tell the visual with claymation. Indescibable how good this effort is, click here to look ‘UP HERE’: 

5. ‘Ladies Room’ Olivia Dean: We obviously LOVE celebrating live music, all its noisy, relatable, sweaty imperfection that makes them the best fodder for memories. Shot in New York by director Sirus Gahan & Renee Nabinger, all the amazing energy of the performance is intimately captured: the airy. roomy version of the songs live, the brass kicking off and the obvious ineffable energy of Olivia both the early nerves and triumphantly leaving stage. A fun capsule for a fun future great: 

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