Will Hyde Breaks Out of His Shell With "meant to be." [Premiere]


Sometimes love never fades, even well after the relationship. That's the narrative the Aussie newcomer Will Hyde tells us in his second single ever, "meant to be." In the enchanting, synth heavy single, Hyde lets us in on a piece of his personal love life and the heart break he's endured. Piggy backing off his first single, Hyde steps up his game production-wise with "meant to be." and proves himself as an emerging artist ready to take the reins in this industry.

The song is a quick therapy session of anyone going through recent heartbreak. He touches on the fact that sometimes it's extremely difficult to let go of the memories and history that one holds close to their heart. Hyde opens up further on the song,

"'meant to be.' is about thinking you are over someone only to see them and realise you still have a lot of feelings left in that relationship. I think that the comfort and connection I have with someone never really fades over time. There’s always feelings that I have left with that person that can come back up and make me remember the good times. I find it hard to let people go and really detach myself from relationships completely. Moving on and trying to make peace with the fact that there are things I didn’t get to say to them is hard. It also makes me weary entering new relationships. I try to allow myself to feel the pain as much as I can, and I have a habit of denying how I feel so I can push past that moment. I’m not sure where that comes from - maybe it's a safety thing I do to protect myself from trauma I’ve felt in my past relationships. So this song really is about an inner conflict with myself. Sometimes the heart speaks louder than I can talk to myself, and the song touches on being unsure if things would be different. I am sometimes so optimistic that it blinds me to the troubles at the root of the relationship. Getting back with that person and allowing them in my life doesn't mean I would have a different outcome with them. It’s hard to face the root causes of the breakdown, but it's the only way to move on from it."

The production is marvelous. Teaming up with Dylan Nash and MSquared, the dynamic team set out to create the ultimate radio friendly pop single. From the 80's dance synth to the drums to the popping funky bass, the song puts you in a complete and utter groove. The variation between the verses, pre-chorus and chorus really establishes an emotional rollercoaster, resembling the emotional rollercoaster Hyde has dealt with in the story.

"meant to be." is just the beginning for this young Australian artist. With the looks of things, he's on his way to becoming a groundbreaking artist within the industry. With some more work ahead, don't be surprised if you begin seeing his name all over the place.

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