With Only Three Official Releases, Bennett Has Us Seeing Stars [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]

Bennett is operating quietly, releasing music tactically and winning hearts with every release. Few artists are able to perk our ears up after releasing a single, let alone are able to continue delivering again and again. You may not have heard of the Connecticut born singer-songwriter yet, but the chances are it will not stay that way for long. With only three singles out on digital streaming platforms and four breathtaking covers on Soundcloud, Bennett has us already seeing stars.

Bennett's first offering to the world came as a cover of Jorja Smith's, "I Am" from the critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated, Black Panther The Album. The jaw-dropping rendition showcases her natural talent as a vocalist as well as her emotion invoking ability on song's that are not even her own. This facet of her ability made us very curious to see what her identity as an artist would evolve into.

A month later, Bennett would make her first official release on digital streaming platforms with "Never Yours." Our first introduction into her original song showcased a relatable quality to her songwriting and powerful emotional range. Utilizing minimalist R&B production, Bennett mourns the preconceived notion that her past relationship was centered around true love. Her first official release made it very clear that she was so much more than a cover artist.

Following her pattern of releases, Bennett shared a cover of Frank Ocean's, "Pink Matter" after her breakout single. The sultry rendition would act as an appetizer for her next personal release, "Gone." Shared in late June of last year, the funky independent anthem showed an upbeat facet to her artistry previously unseen. Bennett had done it again, concocting another love ballad, this time over a groovy set of production.

Bennett's live chops would be tested when she accompanied rapper Chris Webby during select stops of his 2018 tour. The live performance opportunity not only introduced Bennett to a new demographic of fans, but also allowed for a collaboration between herself and Webby. Their track, "Keep Rollin'," would find its way onto Chris Webby's latest album, Next Wednesday.

Throughout the tour, Bennett remained true to her musical identity releasing a cover of Billie Eilish's, "When the Party's Over" on Soundcloud to satiate her growing fan base. What would follow would be the most recent song we have from Bennett to date. She released her latest single, "Groupie," only a few short weeks ago. It was with this release that we officially knew Bennett has something truly special on her hands, being able to continuously raise the bar with each release is no easy feat.

The new single finds Bennett straying away from an R&B sound, adopting a more alternative set of production. Trading in sultry bass lines for a lo-fi guitar medley, Bennett addresses the fakes in her circle who are simply there to leach off her growing success. Transparency has always been at the forefront of Bennett's music, making it only right that she shares with listeners the pitfalls she is encountering as her notoriety grows.

We may not know much about the Connecticut native, but honestly that is the best part. We are forced to judge Bennett not off of her Twitter followers or Instagram posts, but the music alone. The great thing about finding an artist like Bennett at this stage in her career is that we get to be a part of the journey too. As Bennett grows both musically and personally, we grow as well with a front row seat cheering and marveling at her ascension.

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