Worry Club Taps Childhood Hero John The Ghost For "Lately"


Chase Walsh, better known by his moniker Worry Club, starts his year off with a bang on his latest single, “Lately,” featuring The Maine frontman John The Ghost. The highly polished track is laid-back yet powerful and full of heart, playing to the strengths of the budding star and his childhood hero.

The track opens with a sample of a woman telling a man that she wants to talk to him. Listeners are then whisked away by the feel-good bedroom pop track, featuring intricate vocal texturing and distortion to warm guitar strums. The catchy hook is infectious, and Walsh’s bright voice blends perfectly with the song’s honest lyrics. “The single has a distinct vibe to it,” shares Walsh. “Some other Worry Club tunes are kind of hard to read (and I love that!), but this tune starts, and you know exactly how it makes you feel from the very beginning.”

The addition of John The Ghost, aka John O'Callaghan of The Maine, elevates the track further, adding another layer of vibrancy and dimension. His pristine vocals on the second verse flawlessly weave into the sonic world Walsh has created, demonstrating their incredible chemistry on the track. “I love the line ‘I’ve been on the outside of a daydream that happens every other night,’” Walsh reveals. “When John and I wrote that, we were like, that’s the weirdest thing to say. And from the start, this song was about confusion and not feeling comfortable in this world, so it fit so well. Also, I love everything about the second chorus. Something about it just feels like controlled insanity.”

Working with the alternative music icon has been a dream of Walsh’s since he was a kid and came to fruition with a bit of help from the internet. The rising indie-pop artist shared that they attended and even crowd surfed at some of O'Callaghan’s shows growing up. “I met John through Instagram!… Now we’re friends, which is crazy. Working with John was exactly how I imagined it to be. Of course, I was insanely nervous that we wouldn’t have anything in common when we got into the studio, but it was the exact opposite. When we started writing this tune, it felt like everything was exactly right. Everything fell into place during the whole process.”

“Lately” is the last single Walsh will release before his upcoming EP. The artist described the forthcoming record sonically as “a clusterfuck, but in the best way." "Sometimes cohesion bores me,” he explains. “I like to go the opposite way with projects. I really tried to create a weird experience, and I think that in itself is its own kind of cohesion.”

Listen to  "Lately" below:

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