Younger Hunger Share Mesmerizing Single "Pray 4 U"

LA alt-pop band Younger Hunger spark some serious self-realization on their latest single “Pray 4 U.” The trio, comprised of Tony Davia on vocals, Becket Edwards on synth/keys, and Lucas Connor on bass, take a slight departure from their previously grimy, gritty, and angsty sound to a brighter, but still angsty, place. With biting guitar riffs and clear-cut percussion, the melodic, hypnotizing track takes listeners on a sonic journey of self-reflection where they have no choice but to wrestle with the complexities of being stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

Davia shared, "'Pray 4 U' is about searching for something to hold onto in a confusing and turbulent time. ... The lyrics are basically just me working through some of my own personal frustrations with myself and with the world around me.“ He went on to say pop icons like David Bowie inspired the transition to a more glam sonic aesthetic. "We wanted to keep a certain amount of that grim and angst and trashiness that’s always been in our music and add in this old psychedelic pop sound and introduce more color into it.”

“Pray 4 U” is a mesmerizing track that begins with an infectious, summery guitar line. Davia immediately sets the scene by revealing how he has a sense of humor that he uses “to hide from the truth” and laments how the person he loves so consumingly is so cruel. The chorus guitars, dizzying synth, and exceptionally hooky pop vocals feel nostalgic, as if the single was something you would have heard decades ago, but with a modern twist.

The Long Beach trio has been busy this year despite a worldwide pandemic and the music industry coming to a semi-halt. While productivity has been difficult for some artists, the indie-pop group has seized the opportunity to expand their DIY skill set by filming their home music videos. “We bought a camera at the beginning of quarantine, and we put out a few songs before all of this started,” explained Davia. “Obviously, we can’t use film crews right now, and for the first video, it was just us turning on the camera and just figuring it out and hitting record.” The trio recently recorded and released a home-made video for their previous singles “Elmer” and “Goodbye Bye Bye,” putting their DIY, “learning as we go, but still having fun” skills on full display.

When asked about the upcoming music video for “Pray 4 U,” the band didn’t want to give away too much. Edwards, the band’s album/visuals artist and designated “Home Depot Sensai,” did reveal that they were excited to create the world where the track’s disco ball headed mascot, Mr. Miserable, resided. “We want to bring that aesthetic from the single art into this music video,” he said. “We just covered our entire room in tinfoil. … We got really creative with vintage camera textures…it’s gonna be weird, textural, and definitely pretty groovy.”

Stay tuned for more from this trio!

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