Youth Fountain Hit Hard With Nostalgic Third LP 'Together In Lonesome' [Q&A] | THE NOISE

photos: Moe Horta

Youth Fountain is back with an album of retro emo bangers to have you sitting down and deep in the feels. Their third studio album, Together In Lonesome, is a heartfelt and introspective journey that beautifully captures the essence of emo and pop-punk. Frontman Tyler Zanon, the driving force behind the project, has poured his emotions and experiences into this record, resulting in a raw and poignant collection of songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

The album's title comes from lead single "Fallen Short," shared Zanon. "It's me wondering if I'm ever going to find someone who can be there for me through thick and thin, no matter what," he explained. "But even when you think you've found that person, there can be an emptiness, like you're together but still feel alone. That's where the title Together In Lonesome comes from: wondering why you're able to physically be with someone but still feel so alone."

It's this instinctual ability to verbalize life's hard truths that has endeared Youth Fountain to fans around the world on albums like 2019's Letters to Our Former Selves and 2021's Keepsakes & Reminders, tours with Four Year Strong and Knuckle Puck and slots on festivals like Slam Dunk and forthcoming tour with Story Of The Year. But it's never been as visceral as on TOGETHER IN LONESOME and ultimately stands as a tremendous personal feat for Zanon, the hard-charged sound of the songwriter fully embracing the totality of the creative process as he gathered the fearlessness to confront the past while embracing the future head-on – along the way, putting some ghosts to rest.

First of all, congrats on the release! How do you feel knowing that people are listening to Together In Lonesome?

TYLE ZANON: Thank you so much! It feels wonderful. It's great to finally have it out in the world.

What does the album's title mean to you and how do you feel its meaning shows itself throughout the record?

The album title basically means to feel alone while being with someone. Be it a significant other or a close friend - just going through the motions of feeling in a bad place together.

I'm a big fan of Youth Fountain's previous work, especially songs like "My Mental Health" and "Deadlocked." How do you feel Lonesome compares in terms of production and songwriting to your older work?

It feels just as good and maybe better in some ways. I feel like this record has a nostalgic feel to it and keeps the classic "Youth Fountain" feel to things that long-time fans love. It was recorded and produced with a new engineer I have never worked with before (Anton Delost), and it was a great experience! I got to work down in North Hollywood on this album and it was super surreal to do.