Zanski Dives Into His Own Mind In  'Upon Frigid Water' EP [Premiere]


Toronto based vocalist and producer, Zanski, returns this summer with his contemplative new EP Upon Frigid Water. The growth of the looming tracks gives listeners something to hold on to. Similar to a computer when it first turns on, his Upon Frigid Water  definitely boots up. Zanski, aka Tom Probizanski, proves he knows how to strike a compositional balance within his music- something both reflective and deliberate.  

Upon Frigid Water interprets a new way of indie feng shui fusing R&B and lofi electronic elements. Boundaries seem lost upon this artist, and it's a good thing. With this base, Zanski has a framework for which he can explore his own psyche. He wrestles with his own sense of self, and the concept of what is unknown,  

"I want to cultivate a sense of understanding around people who are looking for answers and let them know that they are not alone in the journey. I want people to form their own interpretations and conclusions, and feel as though they have gained something real from it."

Zanski's vocals remind me of a sort of digitized tribal emotion- he's raw but coarsely filtered, choosing to save the pristine polish for his instrumental hues. These themes are most evident on his single "Hauntology" and "Threes." His zig-zagging harmonies curtail with a dark allure. You can't help but feel a sense of softspun moodiness while enjoying the title track "Upon Frigid Water." Overall, his work is an effortful push into a chilled trance.  

Listen to Upon Frigid Water below:

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