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  • From: Portland, ME
  • Related Artists: Omar Apollo, Coltr3ne, dijon, boy pablo

Tucker Pillsbury might just be your newest role model. The up and coming artist, known by the moniker ROLE MODEL, puts his vocals over laid-back instrumentation to address painfully relatable issues plaguing the end of youth. He pairs dreamy bedroom production and diary-style lyrics to dive into painful topics of depression, failed relationships, self-doubt and loneliness–somehow delivering it all in a warm and comforting package.

He's been on tickets with boy pablo and Omar Apollo, both bedroom pop royalty, and his song, “I don’t rly like u,” was added to Spotify’s Bedroom Pop playlist. In short--he's rapidly rising to the top of the genre. Following the release of his 2017 EP, ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER, he’s been steadily feeding his fanbase with singles, including “Stolen Car” and “minimal,” which contribute to the millions of streams to his name across platforms.


ROLE MODEL : minimal (Single)
  • Latest Album:
    minimal (Single)
  • Release Date:
    May 3, 2019

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