Aaron Taos Invites spill tab to the Lonely Club on “Loneliness PT. II” [Premiere]


Emerging Indie artist Aaron Taos is back with an update to his 2018 standout song "Loneliness." The song is about remembering that relationships, connections, and love are the true foundation to happiness in your life no matter what. It's almost as if Taos knew 2020 was coming and wanted to prepare us for it.

The update to the song comes in the form of an added verse from New York-based singer Claire Chicha of the duo spill tab. Speaking on how the collaboration materialized, Taos said

"I had always wanted to add a female vocalist to “Loneliness” as a re-release. I thought with the right artist, the song would be really special as a duet. Then I was listening to the Spotify playlist “Lorem” one day and this song “Calvaire” by spill tab came on. I immediately loved it and thought the artist’s voice was incredible - so I reached out to see if she would be interested. I’m honored that she was and then when I finally heard what she had written I was blown away.  Her vocals are so beautiful and haunting and, in my opinion, add a really unique perspective/ vibe to one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written."

Listen to the premiere of "Loneliness Pt. II" below.