Ai Bendr Displays Vocal Prowess on Her Debut “Love Me Low”

Ai Bendr's chilling debut is a beautiful showcase of her singing ability. Chioma Ai Bendors Ilozar or Ai Bendr holds triple citizenship in Nigeria, Australia, and the U.S. at only 17 years old. This unique perspective helps the young songwriter stand out amongst her contemporaries and her emotional maturity in her songwriting is advanced for her age. "Love Me Low" is a captivating love song that shows Ai Bendr's vulnerability as a writer.

The production on "Love Me Low" is simplistic yet anthemic, with the main melody of the track being carried by piano. The chorus on the track is dreamlike and enthralling as Ai Bendr's delivery perfectly complements the grand piano. The simplicity of the instrumentation allows her to draw in listeners through her powerful yet soft and haunting voice that demands attention.

Ai Bendr's songwriting, maturity, and distinctive delivery make her a pop artist with unlimited potential. "Love Me Low" is an honest reflection and a strong first entry into a discography that is bound to be filled with powerful and memorable records.

Listen to "Love Me Low" below: